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Best Indie Book Award
The fact that you’re an independent author doesn’t mean that you’re not a great author. Authors are becoming farther and farther removed from traditional publishing and its defunct methods of selecting books for publication. Thousands of excellent authors are overlooked every year by traditional publishers. Independent Publishing has opened the door to authors all over the world so they can build a readership and continue to do what they love: write. Here at Best Indie Books, we are all about authors and helping authors to achieve their dreams and their goals. We already have some amazing writers among us, and we hope to grow those authors every year. We are working hard to build a community of excellent writers, and our two annual contests is one of the ways we will feature those authors. We hope that all our authors will continue to support one another and help grow our community. and our network of sites has been helping authors for a number of years, and we plan to continue to find new ways to help you build your career. (,, and Winners will also be reviewed in The Jelly Bomb Review™.)

Entering a contest is not just about winning a trophy. It’s about raising the bar on Indie Authors and pushing them to work hard to be just as critically acclaimed as their traditionally published peers. We want Indie Authors to be recognized as real, hard-working, story-telling dynamos. And it’s really nice to be able to advertise yourself as an Award Winning Author.

As we grow our award ceremony every year, and as the bookstore itself grows, winners can be proud to say that they have won the Best Indie Book Award™. Judging is strict. If your book makes it to the finals and you win, you can be proud of your accomplishment.